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Stress Free Feeding time for multiple dog households

If you have multiple dogs, feed them in separate rooms, or separate corners of the same room. You can also put their food into a corner where they can 'protect' their food from the other dogs.

This is a good practice, even when your dogs get along and there isn't any problems with meal time. Giving them a safe spot to eat will help them to feel secure and settled when eating.

Never feed dogs out of the same bowl or in the same spot, and don't ask them to share space during meal times. If you're having problems with feeding time consider feeding the dogs in totally separate areas of the house that can be divided by a closed door.

Always feed the dogs in the same order. They can all eat at the same time, but the order that the food is put down on the floor shouldn't vary. The dominate dog should get his bowl first every time. If you're not sure which dog is dominate, pick the biggest or oldest or strongest dog and feed that one first every time.

Knowing exactly what will happen at mealtime helps your dogs to be calm and prevents uncertainly that can lead to problems at a very exciting time of day.